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The Troubled Painter

One day a famous painter is finishing his best paintings and plans to exhibit it at the time of Princess Diana's wedding. When he finished his painting he was very happy and kept looking at the picture. As he watched, he walked back and when he walked back he was not looking back. He kept walking backwards and behind him is the end of the building. It is very tall and with one more step he can end his life.

Someone at the sight intended to shout to warn the painter, but he didn't because he was afraid the painter would fall when he was surprised to hear his call. Then the person who saw the painter took up a brush and painted in front of the picture, damaged it. Of course, the painter got mad and walked forward to hit the person. But some people started facing there and showed the painter's position who almost fell.

Sometimes we describe our future with a very nice and beautiful dream. But sometimes, the plan could not be done because there is a bigger force who wants a different result. Know that even when our plans change, the final result will be better than our dream. So have faith!


Paul Stoltz divided AQ into 4 separate components. Which he believes to be the keys of measuring our AQ. He calls these 4 components as "CORE". What does "CORE" stands for? Let's find out!

1. C - Control
Describes how much we have control over our lives. Mahatma Ghandi for example, has high AQ because he had control of the situation. Ghandi believed he can solve problems in difficult situations.

2. O - Origin
Describes how much we understand the origin or cause of the situation. Also defines how much we acknowledge the problem. Those with low AQ blames themselves of not capable in handling the situation. After exaggerating, they couldn't do anything handle the situation.

3. R - Reach
Defines how far the problem has reached the other corners of our lives. For example, when your office computer brakes down, do you get frustrated and angry all day? That even other people got effected from your anger? If so, then you have a low AQ. Because of letting the problem effect the other parts of your life way too deep.

4. E - Endurance
Defines how long we predict the problem will last. Those with low AQ believes that the situation will never get better. Their pessimism convinced them to believe they'll always fail.

AQ is not something permanent. We can improve our AQ right now. Even though it takes time and patience, it's worth the wait.

AQ 1 - Adversity Quotient

This theory was developed by Paul Stoltz. Adversity quotient measures our intelligence when facing challenges or problems. AQ is how we endure when facing and solving problems. According to him, AQ bases the criteria for success.

Paul Stoltz sees 3 types of humans endurance. He describes them as 'hikers climbing a mountain.' The 3 types are :

1. Quitters
They refuse to take on challenges. Quitters are at the bottom of the mountain. They give up hiking from the very beginning.
- Takes the easy way out.
- Gives up without trying.
- Doesn't like taking risks. So they miss a lot of opportunities.
- Doesn't have clear goals.
- Little commitment when facing challenges.
- Simply work only to support living.

2. Campers
They are easily satisfied with their work or progress. Campers are at the middle of the mountain. They stop and camp half way through the top.
- Does little effort. Even though results might change with more effort.
- Easily satisfied.
- Only gets to the goal they wanted to achieve. Even though they could have done better.
- Takes small risks. Small risks earns small results. Whether its good or bad.
- Focused on the pleasure of what they achieved so far.

3. Climbers
They get to their goals against all odds. Beware that climbers are different from ambitious, more will be discussed later. Climbers are at the top mountain. They endure the hardship and climbs to the top.
- Does a lot of effort. They maximize the use of their abilities. So they get maximum results.
- Has high endurance when facing tough problems.
- Goes beyond the goal. They often surprise people with what they can accomplish.
- Takes risks. Knows how to differ useful risks from that doesn't.
- Not easily satisfied.
- Keeps trying.
- Huge commitments when facing problems.

Climbers are different from being ambitious. Being ambitious uses the method of reaching their goals whilst sacrificing those around them. Climbers gain success with the help of those around them, not by sacrificing them.

So, are you a climber?

Do You Care?

By Imam B. Prasojo
Director of "Nurani Dunia" (World Conscience)
A foundation that serves for Indonesian children

We have seen our nation
turn into a land of suffering
natural disaster and never-ending quarrels

In every corner of the Archipelago
fires burn,
bullets explode,
floods and landslides reach out,
pushing their victims into the mud of suffering.

More than a million of people
have been driven from their villages.
The dirty tends are full of children,
women and old people.
They live in extraordinary misery.
A million people sit confused
wondering if their lives will never improve.

The future of hundreds of thousands of Indonesians
hangs in the balance.
They do not attend school.
Their teacher have vanished.
The buildings have been reduced to rubble.
Their trauma is endless.
Never ceasing disasters
destroy us, divide us,
and make us live in pain.

It is time
for every citizen
to show their love for equality.
We must lighten their suffering.
We must create a better life
for our fellow human beings...

Hours of Life

There is a story about animals who complains about their life. A fly complained: "I do not have much time. Can you imagine how to enjoy life this short. Born, grow, have fun, experience joy and sorrow, get old and die. Everything happened so quick in just a couple of hours . "

Donkey commented: "Indeed you are right, but I imagine how wonderful it is to have a short and smooth life, must be a lot of fun. Not like me who lives longer. But with continuous work, while you always have fun flying from one food to another. Life a short, but sweet. "

Turtles that looked at the donkey and the fly said: "I find it hard to understand you guys. I am now 300 years old and did not have much time to tell you my experiences. My experiences are too much. Back when I was 200 years old I I hope that life will soon be over. I envy you donkey and am sorry for you fly. "

Donkey immediately commented: "When I heard the explanation about the experiences you've got are so much, I think I have no objection to live 300 years. I imagine a good life because you have a chance to experience everything in life, having wealth and experience, being able to feel everything in a long time. "

After they finally stopped they seek advice from the spider, a wise teacher. Spiders advises them: "The tortoise, stop complaining. Who has lots of experience like you? Be thankful for your life. And you fly, stop complaining. Who could have so much fun as you? And you're a donkey, I can not give you any advice because you want a sweet short life and a long life with many experiences. It is not possible. You are a fool. "

Human beings in this world not so different as the story above. Sometimes we feel that time is so long and very long walk, especially when we are experiencing difficulties. However, we realize that time really passed by so quickly. It was not long ago we went to school, then graduate, working, continue to grow older and without noticing, time passes by so fast. We become people who can not be satisfied.

These days we have to learn through our days. Not how long we live, but how we live. Not what we feel, but how to fill our lives with meaningful things.

(Source: Strings of words of wisdom: Joint Communication Foundation, Facebook: Hands of God)

Express through Writing

Writing is one way to express your feelings. When you really want to tell something to others, but you can't because it's embarrassing, try writing. When you want to put your imagination into shape, try writing. When you want to make an important event last forever, try writing it in a diary.

I started writing in this blog for many reasons. One, I could learn how to write in English better. Two, I've heard you could earn money from blogging. Three, I wanted to share the things I've learned with other people. And there are still many reasons for me to write in this blog.

Here are some benefits from writing:
1. A Way to Express Yourself
Truth is, I can't fully express myself in real life. Writing is an alternative way for me to shape my ideas. Everyone has their own method on expressing themselves. Some are different, others have the same.

2. Experience
By writing, you'll improve your vocabulary and grammar (especially with the auto-correct for English). One day, your writing skills might become handy, who knows. You could even be an author, or a writer no matter what your profession is.

3. Earn Money
Like I mentioned before, you could earn money from the things you write. Imagine yourself becoming a book writer, or a blog writer. You can start out small, creating scraps. Then combine them in the end to create a book.

Inspiration may not always come in short notice. But its best to wait for inspiration to come. When it does, write on a piece of paper or a mobile phone. So you won't forget what your ideas. Then you can write down the whole idea afterwards.

You can start writing anytime. You can't be too old or too young to write. Writing doesn't really cost much either. Start writing and express your ideas.


There is a saying, there is no such thing as perfect human beings. There's no way someone can do everything. Even though you could, not all abilities would be used and become wasted.
It's still good if our ability could be useful someday.

Including me, there are many flaws in me that has been found by myself or others. I admit that I'm not perfect. Not that I'm worthless, but it means that there are still many things I could not do.

I want to be accepted as it is by others. I'm sure you all have the same opinion. If we are accepted by others, but not who we truly are then that's not really us. Just our role play that's being accepted by others.

Criterias of accepting others differs from each person. On average, if someone else wants us to accept him or her, then he or she is required to change first. Only few are going to adapt to the appropriate criteria.

The main problem, our identity is also going to change. So we won't be acceptable in the eyes of other people. So, we can not be accepted by exactly everyone. Therefore, be your true selves. Let people accept the real you, not yourself pretending to be someone you're not.


The main factors affecting the development of one's ability is interest. For example, if someone was forced by his father to major in Business Administration, but he did not like it. He will not likely be able to optimize their ability.

Another factor that influences the development of abilities is a talent. Some people who have talent in can improve more quickly. In another case, there are talented people but not interested in what they're doing.

So the best combination that can be formed is if someone is talented and interested in the same thing. So he or she can maximize its usefulness to others. Remember that hard work or interests are more influential on the development of ability.

I also have an interest and talent in many ways. For example, I am not talented in mathematics. But I keep trying to improve my ability to learn and practice questions.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait. Roughly, It defines your inner self. It differentiates you from other people. It makes us unique in a very own way. It gives us characteristics and forms our true nature. It makes us who we are now. We all have our own self portrait, it helps us get to know ourselves better.

Basically, self portrait is our way of looking ourselves, based on our characteristics and potential. No one else can see this deep within ourselves.

Why is self portrait so important?
1. Respect ourselves just the way we are
2. Leads us to respecting others
3. Respect all that we have in life now

There are 4 kinds of people based on their self portraits:
1. Those who knows themselves
2. Those who haven't known themselves
3. Those who doesn't show their characteristics
4. Those who wear masks (hiding their true identity)

The concept in our lives are usually formed from what others think of us. As we grow older, we sum up what others think of us.
- What's my talent?
- Am I trustworthy?
Other people can give opinions of who we are. But that doesn't mean we can't give opinions about ourselves. Because you are what you believe in.

Remember how Titanic sunk because of hitting an iceberg. The captain saw a small chunk of ice on the surface of the water. He thought it was nothing, and didn't bother to change the boat's direction. But beneath the chunk of ice, was an enormous mountain made of ice. The captain didn't see the danger beneath the water.
There are 3 parts in an iceberg that resembles a personality:
1. Behavior (top). Which anyone can see.
2. Motivation & ambition (middle). Which sometimes can be seen.
3. Self portrait (base). Which no one else can see.

Self portrait is influenced by 3 factors:
1. Family
- Genetics
- How we are raised
2. Environment
- School
- Office
3. Past Experiences
- Traumatic experiences
- Joy of youth

Poem For Writers

By Frances Bourne Taft

God, make my pen an implement of Your power.
Where there is ignorance, let it bring enlightenment;
Where there is prejudice, understanding;
Where there is cynicism, faith;
Where there is indifference, challenge;
Where there is loneliness, companionship;
Where there is fear, courage;
Where there is ugliness, beauty;
Where there is weariness, re-creation.
Place upon the feeble fingers that guide the pen
Thine all encompassing hand.
Fill my hand with Your truth,
My heart with Your love,
My whole being with Your spirit.
Grant me the supreme gift
Of forgetfulness of self in service to others,
And make Your purpose mine.


Guest: "Just what is the feeling 'bored', old man?"

Old Man:
"Bored is a state where the mind wants a change, longing for something new, and want a cessation of the routine of life and the monotony of the situation from time to time."

Guest: "Why do we feel bored?"

Old man: "Because we never feel satisfied with what we have."

Guest: "How do we eliminate boredom?"

Old man: "There's only one way, enjoy it, then we will be free of it."

Guest: "How is it possible to enjoy the boredom?"

Old man: "Ask yourself this: why don't you ever get bored eating the same rice every day?"

Guest: "Because we eat rice with toppings and different vegetables, old man."

Old man: "That's right, my boy, add something new in the routine, then boredom would be lost."

Guest: "How do we add new things in the routine?"

Old Man:
"Change the way you do the routine. If you are write while sitting down, try to write while squatting or lying down. If you are read in a chair, try to read while walking or jumping up and down. If you usually call with your right hand, try it with your left hand or with feet if you can. And so on. "

Then the guests went away.

A few days later the guests were visiting the old man again.

Guest: "Old man, I've done what you suggest, why do I still feel bored, too?"

Old man: "Try to do something that is childish."

Guest: "For example?"

Old man: "Play the best games you like as a child at the time."

Then the guests went away.

A few weeks later, the guests had come back to the old man's house.

"Old man, I did what you suggest. In any spare time I played all the games the children who I love once. And a miracle happened. Now I never feel bored again, although I did the things that I once considered boring. Why be so, old man? "

The Old Man smiled and said:
"Since everything is actually derived from your own mind, my son. Boredom is also derived from the mind of thinking about the boredom. I told you to play like a child to be a cheerful mind. Now you do not feel tired anymore because your idea of fun defeated your idea of boredom. Everything comes from the mind. If you think you're tired because of boredom. Think happy to make you happy. "

Created by Adhitya Whardana

1 dollar 11 cents

Sally was only eight years old when she heard her mother and father were talking about her younger brother, Georgi. He was suffering from a severe illness and they have been doing whatever they can do to save his life. Only a very expensive operation that could save his live now... but they do not have the cost for that. Sally heard him whisper, "Only a miracle can save him now."
Sally went to bed and took her piggy bank from its hiding place. Then she opened all its content to the floor and counted it carefully ... three times. The value must be absolutely right.
While carrying the money, Sally sneak out and go to the drugstore on the corner. He waited patiently for the pharmacist to give her attention ... but he was too busy with other people to be bothered by an eight-year-old child. Sally tried to attract attention with her legs shook, but failed. Finally she took a quarter and threw it into the glass. Success!
"What do you need?" Pharmacist asked in an angry voice. "I was talking with my brother."
"But, I want to talk to you about my brother," Sally answered with the same tone. "He's sick ... and I want to buy a miracle."
"What did you say?," Said the pharmacist.
"My Daddy says only a miracle can save him now ... so how much does a miracle cost?"
"We do not sell miracles here, little girl. I can not help you. "
"Look, I have the money to buy it. Tell me how much it costs. "
A well-dressed man stopped and asked, "What kind of a miracle is needed by your brother?"
"I do not know," said Sally. Tears started rolling down her cheeks. "I just know he's really sick and Mommy says he needs an operation. But my parents can not pay ... but I also have money. "
"How much money do you have?" Asked the man again.
"One dollar and eleven cents," Sally answered proudly. "And it's all the money I have in this world."
"Wow, what a coincidence," the man said with a smile. "One dollar and eleven cents ... the right price for a miracle to save a little brother. He took her money and then hold Sally's hand, saying: "Take me to your brother. I want to meet him and also your parents. "
The man was Dr. Carlton Armstrong, a famous surgeon .... The operation was completed without charge and it was not long until Georgi was home again and doing well. Both parents are very happy to get a miracle. "The operation," her mother whispered, "was like a miracle.
I can not imagine how much it costs ". Sally smiled. He knew exactly how much a miracle cost ... one dollar and eleven cents ... plus the faith.
Best Gifts
To friends - Loyalty
To the enemy - forgiveness
To the chairman - solemn
To the young - the best example
To the elderly - Appreciate their gratitude and loyalty.
Partner - Love and obedience
To men - Freedom

Created by Adhitya Whardana

Think Creative

Thinking Creative means that we mustn't limit ourselves to common or routine things.
But try to find new breakthroughs or ideas.
So there will be an improvement or innovation in our activities.

Some people believe that living in the "compact" lifestyle, which means having the same way of thinking, acting, etc. brings togetherness. It's actually true in a way, but has a downside. It makes us believe that everything which is same is compact. It limits our creativity since there's no way to improve with new ideas. For example, in Indonesia, traditions that are passed down from the ancestors must be followed exactly. Leaving no room for the new generations to improve it, because it would mean disrespecting the ancestors.

Ngaben Ceremony
People burn the corpse of their loved ones is an
example of unchangeable traditions

Here are factors that limit our creativity, according to psychologist Robert W. Olson:
1. Habit
Always finishing the same problem with the same method. Routine habits of using the same method all the time, limits our creativity on solving problems.

Don't have time. Became the most common excuse for not being creative. But if we can be creative, won't that mean we'll finish our problems in less time. Then we'll have more time to enjoy afterwards. Henry Ford once said, "Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it."

3.Too Much Problems
Make a priority scale. Solve most the important problems before doing the rest.

4.Afraid to Fail
A man feels safe and comfortable with the salary he has, as long as it can support living. Surely, his life will never get better. He's afraid of making mistakes when trying to improve. But, he won't be able to handle problems once he's fired. It's better to fail than to not try, because we'll lose our golden opportunity to success.

People don't want to experience difficulty because they just want quick answers to solve it. After it fails, they try the second quickest solution. They won't get used to thinking alternative solutions.

6.Lack of Knowledge
When playing chess, you won't improve without creating new strategies to win. Improve yourselves further. Think of different strategies in solving a problem. So, increase your knowledge by studying or practicing.

7.Afraid of Having Fun
People usually doesn't realize that relaxing and having fun is an important aspect in solving problems creatively. Serious but relaxed.

8.Need Flexible Ideas
Fresh ideas will stimulate our minds and creativity. But an idea can only solve some problems, so we need to develop new ideas all the time.

Here's my last example of being creative. Note that I can't take any credit in writing most of the posts. Not to brag but so far, I've picked up my writing material from my school's text books, newspaper and games.

Just A Glass of Milk

One day, a poor boy who lived from selling matches door-to-door, found that he only has a few cents left over money in his pocket, and he is very hungry.
The boy decides to ask for food at the next house.
But the boy lost his nerve when a young woman opened the door of the house.
The boy did not ask for food, he only dared to ask for a glass of water.

The young woman observed, and thought that this boy must be hungry,
therefore, he brought a large glass of milk.

The boy drank it slowly, and then asked, "how should I pay for this large glass of this milk?
"She answered: "You do not have to pay anything".
"Mother taught us not to accept payment for doing good "says the woman added.

The boy then spent his milk and said: "From within my heart I thank you. "

Many years later, the young woman suffered a critical illness. The doctors in that town were not able to handle it. They finally sent her to large cities, where there are specialists who can deal with this rare disease.

Dr. Howard was called in to investigate.
By the time he heard the name of the town origin of the woman, his eyes made a weird glance.
He immediately rose and hurried down the hall of the hospital, to the woman's room.
With the medicine, he was dressed in uniform and met the woman.

He immediately recognized her at once.
He then returned to the consultation room and made the best efforts to save the woman.
From that day on, he always gives special attention to her case.

After a long struggle, finally gained the victory ... She was cured!!
Dr. Howard asked the hospital's financial section to submit all medical bills to him for approval.
Dr. Howard saw it, and wrote something on the corner of invoices, and then send it to the patient's room.

She was afraid to open those bills, she was convinced that she will not be able to pay these bills even if it takes the rest of her life. Finally, she ventured to read the bill, and caught attention on the corner of the charge sheet. It reads .. "It has been paid in full with a big glass of milk!!" signed, Dr. Howard Kelly.

Tears of joy flooded her eyes. She prayed:
"Lord, thank you, that your love has filled the whole earth through the heart and
human hands. "

Be A Leader 2

Leaders are born from 2 factors:
1. Natural Talent
2. Life Experience
  • Failure in life
  • Crisis
  • Success through hardship
  • Life at home
  • etc.
Like I said in my previous post, most leaders are born from life experience. But the key to developing leadership skills doesn't exist in the experience, no matter how good or bad it is. The key exists in how the person respond to the experience. When people experience hardship, they could get scared and stop trying, or they could choose to learn from it and become stronger.

The identity needed to be a leader:
1. A leader needs to have influence
You don't need to try too hard to do this. Just by motivating others, you've already proven to have influence. Cheer your friends up when they're sad, give them help, advices and encouragement to continue on. Earn the trust of others, when things get tough, be the one to say, "Don't worry, we'll get through this." People will feel great around you, they'll believe in you. But make sure not to disappoint their trusts.

2. A leader needs to know his/her self
How can a person who doesn't know his/her own limits be able to lead anyone? First of all, you must know and understand your strengths and weaknesses. Share them with the people you trust.

What are you waiting for? Don't be passive, the best leaders are the active ones. It won't hurt for you to try becoming one.

Be A Leader 1

Why become a "leader"?
*Because the world is in a global leadership crisis.

Why is the world in a global leadership crisis?
These are some of the causing factors:
1. The lack of competence of the leader
2. Flawed character of leaders (power hungry)
3. Lack of Integrity
4. Leaders don't function in the same manner as they should be
5. Passiveness towards the leadership crisis

Are you a follower or a leader? If you're a follower, when are you going to take the next step in life? You're life won't progress for the better.

For example, save money and try running your own business. Are you just going to work under someone your entire life? Hoping you'll get a bonus or a raise, and avoiding getting fired until the day you retire. Or you can start your own business, you'll earn money even after you retire.

What are the benefits of becoming a leader?
1. You can take control of your own life
2. Inspire your teammates to sprint to the finish on an important project
3. Nurturing a corporate culture that engenders loyalty and retention
4. Inspire a classroom of students to become lifelong learners
5. Alternate way to make a living

I'm not saying that becoming a leader is an easy job. For some people, it takes effort and time. But you have to have patience and compassion to become a true leader.

How leaders are born:
  • Talent/Charisma 10%
  • Crisis 5%
  • Trained 85%
As you can see, only some leaders are born from talent or a crisis. Most have to train themselves to become leaders. Start training yourself if you want to make more out of life! It's never too late to learn becoming a leader.

How to Set Smart Goals

Be clear with your goals. The more you know about the things you want, the easier it will be to get motivated to achieve them. The incentives live inside the details. So it should be obvious that a vague idea is a failure from the start. Be clear. Be specific.

Below are two reasons why others have trouble accomplishing their goals. Knowing the do not's will help you to realize the do's of goal setting.

1. Setting Unattainable Goals
One of the most frequent reasons why others find so much frustration with their goals is because they set them too high. Creating goals that are unattainable not only makes it impossible to succeed, but it also creates a negative attitude towards the use of goals. When you set goals too high and constantly fall short, you may not want to use them in the future.

2. Setting Unchallenging Goals
The reverse of setting unattainable goals is also a hindrance to success. When goals are set too low, there is no motivation to work hard. When you feel like you don't have to work that hard to reach your goals, you don't think about them nor do you really care if you reach it.

In order for people to feel compelled to work hard towards something, they must feel challenged. Setting goals too low decreases motivation and energy.

Now that you know the problems associated with goal setting, be sure to avoid them at all costs. When you set your goals, or help others to do the same, make sure they are both challenging and attainable. This way you will be motivated to work hard and feel the rush of success when you accomplish your goals!

by Jason Gracia

Here is a useful site to learn about motivating ourselves:

Where would you wear it?

My school gave each students a bracelet which is written "MODESTY". All students are told to wear the bracelet. We are told to wear it on the right hand if we think we are modest. And to wear it in the left hand if we think we're not modest yet. We can choose where to wear the bracelet on our free will.

Some wore it in the right hand and others on the left. I wore it in my right hand while some of my friends wore it in the left. My friend who wore the bracelet on the left said, "How arrogant! Calling yourself modest like that. Look, I'm modest enough to say I'm arrogant. While you're arrogant enough to call yourself modest."

That really got me thinking. If you were to told to wear the bracelet, where would you wear it?

Never Too Late to Learn

Just because we graduate from school with a good grade doesn't make us too smart to learn anymore. We can still learn many things from books, other people and experience. There are infinite topics that we can study about. For example, geography, physics, biology, astronomy, art, gardening, cooking, nursing, singing, cleaning, etc. We continue to learn as we progress through our lives. It's an inevitable process. Here are some of the important things that we have to learn from:

1. Learn from our mistakes
Making a mistake doesn't mean it's too late to fix it. By making a mistake, we must learn what caused it to avoid doing it again in the future. There is no such thing as a perfect human, everybody makes mistakes. It's how we learn from it that matters.

2. Balance between studying and relaxing
A mother once complained about her son to a friend, "My son never wants to relax. All he ever does is study inside his room. Once he got home from school, he'll just study until late at night. He never goes out to play with his friends. He has excellent grades but he just studies too much."

Her friend answered, "At least your son is diligent enough to study. My son is unable to manage time. All he ever does is play, eat, and sleep. He always hang out with friends and never has the time to study. He has bad grades and he's too lazy to study."

What can we learn from this example?
The first mother has a son that always stays in his room studying, he'll learn many things taught at school. while the second mother has a son that always go out, he'll learn to socialize better. It's not wrong to study, but hanging out isn't wrong either. If we can manage a balanced schedule between them, we'll actually have more to learn.

3. You can never learn too much
Can we actually learn too much? No, the things we learn can be useful at certain times. For example, we learn about how to take care of plants, soon we'll be able to do gardening.

Let's Think Positive

It's actually not different than believing in hope. It means that we believe something good will come if we have faith in it. People define positive thinking as a successful result from our actions on the situation we're in. Positive thinking can be the greatest key to success.

But of course, not everyone believes in positive thinking. Some people just consider it nonsense or a superstition. When people tell them to think positive, they don't take it seriously. These are the negative thinkers.

Negative thinking means that we would expect a horrible result from our actions. This way of thinking limits our true potential. For example, Z believes he wouldn't get a good result on his exam. So he didn't study and prepare himself enough for the exam. He earned a C and thought to himself, "I could've gotten a better grade!" This kind of thinking can only get us so far, even though we could've actually gotten further.

How can we be happy if we have negative thinking? A negative mind brings us sadness and anxiousness. What benefit is there from believing misfortune will come? To be honest, A positive mind doesn't always bring us good result. Maybe our actions were wrong, or we didn't do well enough. But having a positive mind will bring us happiness in the process, and motivates us to do better. That's surely better than believing we're going to fail or end badly. So convert our ways of thinking into something more positive and motivating.

It takes process for us to convert a negative mind into a positive mind. We can start by placing positive or supportive thoughts in our head. Imagine the benefits of our actions and motivate ourselves. Throw away all our desires to give up and quit. Then our minds will slowly change into a positive thinker.

Just look at how much we'll be able to achieve from a positive mind!

Welcome Everyone!

Hi, everyone!
This is a blog where we can help each other to build a better tomorrow for you and myself.
I'm not talking about using money or luxury, those won't bring us happiness in the long term.
I'm talking about ideas, motivation, and compassion toward others. These are the keys to bringing us the true happiness.
I know I'm new and young, and still have a lot to learn about the world around me.
That's the main reason I wanted to create this blog. So I can learn. So you can learn with me. So we can learn together.
I hope for all of your support from now on! Thank you, everyone!