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Guest: "Just what is the feeling 'bored', old man?"

Old Man:
"Bored is a state where the mind wants a change, longing for something new, and want a cessation of the routine of life and the monotony of the situation from time to time."

Guest: "Why do we feel bored?"

Old man: "Because we never feel satisfied with what we have."

Guest: "How do we eliminate boredom?"

Old man: "There's only one way, enjoy it, then we will be free of it."

Guest: "How is it possible to enjoy the boredom?"

Old man: "Ask yourself this: why don't you ever get bored eating the same rice every day?"

Guest: "Because we eat rice with toppings and different vegetables, old man."

Old man: "That's right, my boy, add something new in the routine, then boredom would be lost."

Guest: "How do we add new things in the routine?"

Old Man:
"Change the way you do the routine. If you are write while sitting down, try to write while squatting or lying down. If you are read in a chair, try to read while walking or jumping up and down. If you usually call with your right hand, try it with your left hand or with feet if you can. And so on. "

Then the guests went away.

A few days later the guests were visiting the old man again.

Guest: "Old man, I've done what you suggest, why do I still feel bored, too?"

Old man: "Try to do something that is childish."

Guest: "For example?"

Old man: "Play the best games you like as a child at the time."

Then the guests went away.

A few weeks later, the guests had come back to the old man's house.

"Old man, I did what you suggest. In any spare time I played all the games the children who I love once. And a miracle happened. Now I never feel bored again, although I did the things that I once considered boring. Why be so, old man? "

The Old Man smiled and said:
"Since everything is actually derived from your own mind, my son. Boredom is also derived from the mind of thinking about the boredom. I told you to play like a child to be a cheerful mind. Now you do not feel tired anymore because your idea of fun defeated your idea of boredom. Everything comes from the mind. If you think you're tired because of boredom. Think happy to make you happy. "

Created by Adhitya Whardana


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