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Express through Writing

Writing is one way to express your feelings. When you really want to tell something to others, but you can't because it's embarrassing, try writing. When you want to put your imagination into shape, try writing. When you want to make an important event last forever, try writing it in a diary.

I started writing in this blog for many reasons. One, I could learn how to write in English better. Two, I've heard you could earn money from blogging. Three, I wanted to share the things I've learned with other people. And there are still many reasons for me to write in this blog.

Here are some benefits from writing:
1. A Way to Express Yourself
Truth is, I can't fully express myself in real life. Writing is an alternative way for me to shape my ideas. Everyone has their own method on expressing themselves. Some are different, others have the same.

2. Experience
By writing, you'll improve your vocabulary and grammar (especially with the auto-correct for English). One day, your writing skills might become handy, who knows. You could even be an author, or a writer no matter what your profession is.

3. Earn Money
Like I mentioned before, you could earn money from the things you write. Imagine yourself becoming a book writer, or a blog writer. You can start out small, creating scraps. Then combine them in the end to create a book.

Inspiration may not always come in short notice. But its best to wait for inspiration to come. When it does, write on a piece of paper or a mobile phone. So you won't forget what your ideas. Then you can write down the whole idea afterwards.

You can start writing anytime. You can't be too old or too young to write. Writing doesn't really cost much either. Start writing and express your ideas.


There is a saying, there is no such thing as perfect human beings. There's no way someone can do everything. Even though you could, not all abilities would be used and become wasted.
It's still good if our ability could be useful someday.

Including me, there are many flaws in me that has been found by myself or others. I admit that I'm not perfect. Not that I'm worthless, but it means that there are still many things I could not do.

I want to be accepted as it is by others. I'm sure you all have the same opinion. If we are accepted by others, but not who we truly are then that's not really us. Just our role play that's being accepted by others.

Criterias of accepting others differs from each person. On average, if someone else wants us to accept him or her, then he or she is required to change first. Only few are going to adapt to the appropriate criteria.

The main problem, our identity is also going to change. So we won't be acceptable in the eyes of other people. So, we can not be accepted by exactly everyone. Therefore, be your true selves. Let people accept the real you, not yourself pretending to be someone you're not.


The main factors affecting the development of one's ability is interest. For example, if someone was forced by his father to major in Business Administration, but he did not like it. He will not likely be able to optimize their ability.

Another factor that influences the development of abilities is a talent. Some people who have talent in can improve more quickly. In another case, there are talented people but not interested in what they're doing.

So the best combination that can be formed is if someone is talented and interested in the same thing. So he or she can maximize its usefulness to others. Remember that hard work or interests are more influential on the development of ability.

I also have an interest and talent in many ways. For example, I am not talented in mathematics. But I keep trying to improve my ability to learn and practice questions.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait. Roughly, It defines your inner self. It differentiates you from other people. It makes us unique in a very own way. It gives us characteristics and forms our true nature. It makes us who we are now. We all have our own self portrait, it helps us get to know ourselves better.

Basically, self portrait is our way of looking ourselves, based on our characteristics and potential. No one else can see this deep within ourselves.

Why is self portrait so important?
1. Respect ourselves just the way we are
2. Leads us to respecting others
3. Respect all that we have in life now

There are 4 kinds of people based on their self portraits:
1. Those who knows themselves
2. Those who haven't known themselves
3. Those who doesn't show their characteristics
4. Those who wear masks (hiding their true identity)

The concept in our lives are usually formed from what others think of us. As we grow older, we sum up what others think of us.
- What's my talent?
- Am I trustworthy?
Other people can give opinions of who we are. But that doesn't mean we can't give opinions about ourselves. Because you are what you believe in.

Remember how Titanic sunk because of hitting an iceberg. The captain saw a small chunk of ice on the surface of the water. He thought it was nothing, and didn't bother to change the boat's direction. But beneath the chunk of ice, was an enormous mountain made of ice. The captain didn't see the danger beneath the water.
There are 3 parts in an iceberg that resembles a personality:
1. Behavior (top). Which anyone can see.
2. Motivation & ambition (middle). Which sometimes can be seen.
3. Self portrait (base). Which no one else can see.

Self portrait is influenced by 3 factors:
1. Family
- Genetics
- How we are raised
2. Environment
- School
- Office
3. Past Experiences
- Traumatic experiences
- Joy of youth

Poem For Writers

By Frances Bourne Taft

God, make my pen an implement of Your power.
Where there is ignorance, let it bring enlightenment;
Where there is prejudice, understanding;
Where there is cynicism, faith;
Where there is indifference, challenge;
Where there is loneliness, companionship;
Where there is fear, courage;
Where there is ugliness, beauty;
Where there is weariness, re-creation.
Place upon the feeble fingers that guide the pen
Thine all encompassing hand.
Fill my hand with Your truth,
My heart with Your love,
My whole being with Your spirit.
Grant me the supreme gift
Of forgetfulness of self in service to others,
And make Your purpose mine.