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Self Portrait

Self Portrait. Roughly, It defines your inner self. It differentiates you from other people. It makes us unique in a very own way. It gives us characteristics and forms our true nature. It makes us who we are now. We all have our own self portrait, it helps us get to know ourselves better.

Basically, self portrait is our way of looking ourselves, based on our characteristics and potential. No one else can see this deep within ourselves.

Why is self portrait so important?
1. Respect ourselves just the way we are
2. Leads us to respecting others
3. Respect all that we have in life now

There are 4 kinds of people based on their self portraits:
1. Those who knows themselves
2. Those who haven't known themselves
3. Those who doesn't show their characteristics
4. Those who wear masks (hiding their true identity)

The concept in our lives are usually formed from what others think of us. As we grow older, we sum up what others think of us.
- What's my talent?
- Am I trustworthy?
Other people can give opinions of who we are. But that doesn't mean we can't give opinions about ourselves. Because you are what you believe in.

Remember how Titanic sunk because of hitting an iceberg. The captain saw a small chunk of ice on the surface of the water. He thought it was nothing, and didn't bother to change the boat's direction. But beneath the chunk of ice, was an enormous mountain made of ice. The captain didn't see the danger beneath the water.
There are 3 parts in an iceberg that resembles a personality:
1. Behavior (top). Which anyone can see.
2. Motivation & ambition (middle). Which sometimes can be seen.
3. Self portrait (base). Which no one else can see.

Self portrait is influenced by 3 factors:
1. Family
- Genetics
- How we are raised
2. Environment
- School
- Office
3. Past Experiences
- Traumatic experiences
- Joy of youth


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