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True Strength

There is strength in love, and people who can give love is strong, because they can beat their desire for self-serving.

There is strength in laughter, and people who laughed with delight is strong, because they would never mourn with challenges and trials.

There is strength in peace, and people who are filled with peace and happiness is strong because they never waver, and are not easily swayed.

There is strength in generosity, and people who are generous is strong because they never held their mouth and hands from doing good for others.

There is strength in kindness, and people who are good is strong because they would always be able to do good to everyone.

There is strength in loyalty, and people who are faithful is strong because they can beat their personal passions and desires with their loyalty to God and others.

There is strength in gentleness, and people who are gentle is strong because they can refrain themselves from having revenge.

There is power in self-control, and people who can control themselves is strong because they can control all worldly desires.

That's where where all the True Strength is ...

Realize that you also have enough strength to overcome all your problems. No matter where, or how heavy and complicated it may be.

Step by Step with God

This is my step
Every step that I took,
I took with him
I will go through and
I won't stop
I won't go back
And I will keep walking
Until the finish
I won't give up
I won't fall down
I always believe in God
Because I have God
Who gave me strength
To keep walking until
The finish

SMAK 5 Penabur, Jakarta

The True Peace

One day, The Emperor of Japan held a contest and would provide a reward to anyone who can paint about "peace". There are many artists that tried hard to win the race. The Emperor walked around to see the results of their work. Finally, there were only two paintings left that he really liked best. But the Emperor had to choose between the two. He inspected both paintings thoroughly.

The first painting depicted a calm lake. The Lake's surface is like a perfect mirror that reflects the peace of the mountains towering around it. Plastered on top, a blue sky with white clouds drifting. Everyone who sees this painting would have thought, this is the best picture about "peace".

The second painting describes the mountains. The mountains looked rough and bare. Above it, a dark and red sky that signifies a storm. On the side of the mountain there is a waterfall rushing and foaming. But it did not show calmness and peace. However, the Emperor saw something interesting. In the middle of the waterfall's noise, grows small bushes on the sidelines of a stone. In the bushes, lies a mother sparrow's nest & the eggs are laid and incubated.

"Which painting won the contest?", everyone wondered. Japan's Emperor chose the second picture. "Why?", everyone asked. The Emperor replied, "Because 'peace' does not mean you should be in place without any disturbance, trouble or worries. But 'peace' is a calm and peaceful heart, eventhough you are in the midst of the turmoil and remarkable chaos. A peace of heart is the true peace."

(Source: Hands of God)

3 Easy Ways to Overcome Shyness

There are some easy ways to overcome shyness even though it may feel impossible sometimes to beat the awful feelings that occur when you are being put on the spot or when you get tongue tied. Struggling with how to overcome shyness is often an uphill mental battle and more often than not it is actually a battle against your self. Shyness is typically caused by too much self awareness and self conscious.

To overcome shyness, you need to be able to relax in social situations and shift your focus from yourself and on to what is going on around you. In this article you will learn 3 very powerful but still easy ways to overcome shyness by relaxing socially and react to situations with excitement instead of fear.

1) Make an effort out of deliberately catch yourself when you are focusing negatively on yourself. This may be thoughts like worries about what others think about you, if what you said came across as stupid or if somebody thinks your clothes or haircut is bad. If you have any of these or other negative thoughts about yourself, tell yourself to stop those thoughts immediately.

Nothing good comes out of worrying and thinking about negative stuff will only hurt you more. The more you are able to catch yourself with thoughts like that, the more you are able to stop them. Eventually this process will become automatic and you will be less tense and therefore less shy.

2) Make it a daily task to greet or talk to a stranger. This is another one of the most effective and easy ways to overcome shyness. When you are standing in line in the grocery store or when you are in a coffee shop, just say hello to the guy standing behind you or to the waiter. It is however important that it is not too uncomfortable for you - a little bit of anxiety to test your limits is okay, but if you make it too hard for yourself, it may only hurt you instead of help you.

If you start doing this every single day, you will shortly notice that it gets easier to be around other people and to have a casual conversation without feeling shy.

3) Start using self hypnosis every day or even several times a day, to re-program your unconscious mind to stop focusing on the negative thoughts and learn how to keep your body and mind feeling relaxed in any social situation. Self hypnosis is probably the quickest of the 3 easy ways to overcome shyness and change the way you respond to other people.

The reason that self hypnosis is so powerful is because it takes you into a state of deep relaxation. When you are in that kind of relaxing state, it is easier for your sub-conscious mind to learn the new positive messages and thinking patterns that enables you to relax and feel good in social situations.

Visit Cure Shyness to get started using self hypnosis right now and learn more about how you can overcome shyness using this highly effective and extremely simple technique.

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