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How Much is Enough?

Once upon a time, a farmer discovered a magical spring.
The spring bursts
countless gold coins.
The spring made the farmer rich, because new gold keeps coming out and only stops when the farmers says the word "enough."

The farmer is instantly shocked to see gold coins falling in front of his nose. He picked up a few buckets to collect the gold coins.
After the buckets are full, he brought them into tiny huts to be stored there. Gold coins continue to burst while the farmer filled all the sacks, all the barrels, even houses. Still not enough! He digs a big hole to store the gold coins. Not enough, he lets the spring continue to burst until finally the farmer got buried by gold coins along with his greed because he can never say enough.

One of the most difficult words spoken by people is
probably the word "enough".
When will we ever say enough? Almost all employees feel their salaries can not be equal with their hard work. Company directors feel that their company's revenue is still below target. The wife complained about her husband of being less concerned. While the husband believes his wife has lack of understanding. The children think their parents are stingy. Everything is not enough. Can we ever say enough?

Enough is not about how much. Self-satisfaction is a matter of the heart. Enough can only be said by people who can be grateful with what they have. Don't be afraid of saying enough. Saying enough does not mean we stop creating or trying. Don't define "enough" as a stagnant condition or I am satisfied. Saying enough makes us able to see what we have achieve, not what we haven't achieved. Do not let greed make it anymore difficult just to say enough. Learn to make do with what you have today, then you'll actually enjoy all that you have.