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There is a saying, there is no such thing as perfect human beings. There's no way someone can do everything. Even though you could, not all abilities would be used and become wasted.
It's still good if our ability could be useful someday.

Including me, there are many flaws in me that has been found by myself or others. I admit that I'm not perfect. Not that I'm worthless, but it means that there are still many things I could not do.

I want to be accepted as it is by others. I'm sure you all have the same opinion. If we are accepted by others, but not who we truly are then that's not really us. Just our role play that's being accepted by others.

Criterias of accepting others differs from each person. On average, if someone else wants us to accept him or her, then he or she is required to change first. Only few are going to adapt to the appropriate criteria.

The main problem, our identity is also going to change. So we won't be acceptable in the eyes of other people. So, we can not be accepted by exactly everyone. Therefore, be your true selves. Let people accept the real you, not yourself pretending to be someone you're not.


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