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Be A Leader 1

Why become a "leader"?
*Because the world is in a global leadership crisis.

Why is the world in a global leadership crisis?
These are some of the causing factors:
1. The lack of competence of the leader
2. Flawed character of leaders (power hungry)
3. Lack of Integrity
4. Leaders don't function in the same manner as they should be
5. Passiveness towards the leadership crisis

Are you a follower or a leader? If you're a follower, when are you going to take the next step in life? You're life won't progress for the better.

For example, save money and try running your own business. Are you just going to work under someone your entire life? Hoping you'll get a bonus or a raise, and avoiding getting fired until the day you retire. Or you can start your own business, you'll earn money even after you retire.

What are the benefits of becoming a leader?
1. You can take control of your own life
2. Inspire your teammates to sprint to the finish on an important project
3. Nurturing a corporate culture that engenders loyalty and retention
4. Inspire a classroom of students to become lifelong learners
5. Alternate way to make a living

I'm not saying that becoming a leader is an easy job. For some people, it takes effort and time. But you have to have patience and compassion to become a true leader.

How leaders are born:
  • Talent/Charisma 10%
  • Crisis 5%
  • Trained 85%
As you can see, only some leaders are born from talent or a crisis. Most have to train themselves to become leaders. Start training yourself if you want to make more out of life! It's never too late to learn becoming a leader.


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