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Think Creative

Thinking Creative means that we mustn't limit ourselves to common or routine things.
But try to find new breakthroughs or ideas.
So there will be an improvement or innovation in our activities.

Some people believe that living in the "compact" lifestyle, which means having the same way of thinking, acting, etc. brings togetherness. It's actually true in a way, but has a downside. It makes us believe that everything which is same is compact. It limits our creativity since there's no way to improve with new ideas. For example, in Indonesia, traditions that are passed down from the ancestors must be followed exactly. Leaving no room for the new generations to improve it, because it would mean disrespecting the ancestors.

Ngaben Ceremony
People burn the corpse of their loved ones is an
example of unchangeable traditions

Here are factors that limit our creativity, according to psychologist Robert W. Olson:
1. Habit
Always finishing the same problem with the same method. Routine habits of using the same method all the time, limits our creativity on solving problems.

Don't have time. Became the most common excuse for not being creative. But if we can be creative, won't that mean we'll finish our problems in less time. Then we'll have more time to enjoy afterwards. Henry Ford once said, "Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it."

3.Too Much Problems
Make a priority scale. Solve most the important problems before doing the rest.

4.Afraid to Fail
A man feels safe and comfortable with the salary he has, as long as it can support living. Surely, his life will never get better. He's afraid of making mistakes when trying to improve. But, he won't be able to handle problems once he's fired. It's better to fail than to not try, because we'll lose our golden opportunity to success.

People don't want to experience difficulty because they just want quick answers to solve it. After it fails, they try the second quickest solution. They won't get used to thinking alternative solutions.

6.Lack of Knowledge
When playing chess, you won't improve without creating new strategies to win. Improve yourselves further. Think of different strategies in solving a problem. So, increase your knowledge by studying or practicing.

7.Afraid of Having Fun
People usually doesn't realize that relaxing and having fun is an important aspect in solving problems creatively. Serious but relaxed.

8.Need Flexible Ideas
Fresh ideas will stimulate our minds and creativity. But an idea can only solve some problems, so we need to develop new ideas all the time.

Here's my last example of being creative. Note that I can't take any credit in writing most of the posts. Not to brag but so far, I've picked up my writing material from my school's text books, newspaper and games.


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