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The Troubled Painter

One day a famous painter is finishing his best paintings and plans to exhibit it at the time of Princess Diana's wedding. When he finished his painting he was very happy and kept looking at the picture. As he watched, he walked back and when he walked back he was not looking back. He kept walking backwards and behind him is the end of the building. It is very tall and with one more step he can end his life.

Someone at the sight intended to shout to warn the painter, but he didn't because he was afraid the painter would fall when he was surprised to hear his call. Then the person who saw the painter took up a brush and painted in front of the picture, damaged it. Of course, the painter got mad and walked forward to hit the person. But some people started facing there and showed the painter's position who almost fell.

Sometimes we describe our future with a very nice and beautiful dream. But sometimes, the plan could not be done because there is a bigger force who wants a different result. Know that even when our plans change, the final result will be better than our dream. So have faith!


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