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Do You Care?

By Imam B. Prasojo
Director of "Nurani Dunia" (World Conscience)
A foundation that serves for Indonesian children

We have seen our nation
turn into a land of suffering
natural disaster and never-ending quarrels

In every corner of the Archipelago
fires burn,
bullets explode,
floods and landslides reach out,
pushing their victims into the mud of suffering.

More than a million of people
have been driven from their villages.
The dirty tends are full of children,
women and old people.
They live in extraordinary misery.
A million people sit confused
wondering if their lives will never improve.

The future of hundreds of thousands of Indonesians
hangs in the balance.
They do not attend school.
Their teacher have vanished.
The buildings have been reduced to rubble.
Their trauma is endless.
Never ceasing disasters
destroy us, divide us,
and make us live in pain.

It is time
for every citizen
to show their love for equality.
We must lighten their suffering.
We must create a better life
for our fellow human beings...


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