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Hours of Life

There is a story about animals who complains about their life. A fly complained: "I do not have much time. Can you imagine how to enjoy life this short. Born, grow, have fun, experience joy and sorrow, get old and die. Everything happened so quick in just a couple of hours . "

Donkey commented: "Indeed you are right, but I imagine how wonderful it is to have a short and smooth life, must be a lot of fun. Not like me who lives longer. But with continuous work, while you always have fun flying from one food to another. Life a short, but sweet. "

Turtles that looked at the donkey and the fly said: "I find it hard to understand you guys. I am now 300 years old and did not have much time to tell you my experiences. My experiences are too much. Back when I was 200 years old I I hope that life will soon be over. I envy you donkey and am sorry for you fly. "

Donkey immediately commented: "When I heard the explanation about the experiences you've got are so much, I think I have no objection to live 300 years. I imagine a good life because you have a chance to experience everything in life, having wealth and experience, being able to feel everything in a long time. "

After they finally stopped they seek advice from the spider, a wise teacher. Spiders advises them: "The tortoise, stop complaining. Who has lots of experience like you? Be thankful for your life. And you fly, stop complaining. Who could have so much fun as you? And you're a donkey, I can not give you any advice because you want a sweet short life and a long life with many experiences. It is not possible. You are a fool. "

Human beings in this world not so different as the story above. Sometimes we feel that time is so long and very long walk, especially when we are experiencing difficulties. However, we realize that time really passed by so quickly. It was not long ago we went to school, then graduate, working, continue to grow older and without noticing, time passes by so fast. We become people who can not be satisfied.

These days we have to learn through our days. Not how long we live, but how we live. Not what we feel, but how to fill our lives with meaningful things.

(Source: Strings of words of wisdom: Joint Communication Foundation, Facebook: Hands of God)


Sonia von Walter said...

good post

nothingprofound said...

Delightful! I love when animals are used to illustrate truths about human life, as in Aesop's fables.

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