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AQ 1 - Adversity Quotient

This theory was developed by Paul Stoltz. Adversity quotient measures our intelligence when facing challenges or problems. AQ is how we endure when facing and solving problems. According to him, AQ bases the criteria for success.

Paul Stoltz sees 3 types of humans endurance. He describes them as 'hikers climbing a mountain.' The 3 types are :

1. Quitters
They refuse to take on challenges. Quitters are at the bottom of the mountain. They give up hiking from the very beginning.
- Takes the easy way out.
- Gives up without trying.
- Doesn't like taking risks. So they miss a lot of opportunities.
- Doesn't have clear goals.
- Little commitment when facing challenges.
- Simply work only to support living.

2. Campers
They are easily satisfied with their work or progress. Campers are at the middle of the mountain. They stop and camp half way through the top.
- Does little effort. Even though results might change with more effort.
- Easily satisfied.
- Only gets to the goal they wanted to achieve. Even though they could have done better.
- Takes small risks. Small risks earns small results. Whether its good or bad.
- Focused on the pleasure of what they achieved so far.

3. Climbers
They get to their goals against all odds. Beware that climbers are different from ambitious, more will be discussed later. Climbers are at the top mountain. They endure the hardship and climbs to the top.
- Does a lot of effort. They maximize the use of their abilities. So they get maximum results.
- Has high endurance when facing tough problems.
- Goes beyond the goal. They often surprise people with what they can accomplish.
- Takes risks. Knows how to differ useful risks from that doesn't.
- Not easily satisfied.
- Keeps trying.
- Huge commitments when facing problems.

Climbers are different from being ambitious. Being ambitious uses the method of reaching their goals whilst sacrificing those around them. Climbers gain success with the help of those around them, not by sacrificing them.

So, are you a climber?


L M Foong said...


This post is very inspirational. Yes, I am a climber... at least try to be one especially I am not getting google page 1 for my new blog
But I will be a climber for this blog

Dr. L M Foong

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