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In my previous post about Adversity Quotinet, I've explained CORE. Which are keys in measuring our AQ. Now I'm going to explain about LEAD. Which are techniques of how to improve our AQ.

L - Listen
Hear your own response when experiencing CORE. Learn and improve yourselves from past mistakes. Strengthen your weaknesses so you can overcome the mistake.

E - Explore
Find out problems where you feel responsible, but able to improve. Prioritize on improving those, especially the more important factors.

A - Analyze
Analyze the problem to counter negative thoughts. We need to correct our way of thinking into something positive. Find possibilities and opportunities in these times so we can achieve a higher goal.

D - Do
You can't achieve anything without doing. Buy you can't do anything without listening, exploring, or analyzing the situation first. After you can optimize the entire LEAD, success will be in your grasp. Which also means that your AQ has improved.


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