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The Greatest Motivator

Have you ever heard of the greatest motivator?
Do you want to know him?
Want to get advice from him?
Don't be surprised, the greatest motivator doesn't say much. When you meet him, you have to talk more. What will the motivator do is just listen and show. You are never forced to hear him, but if you never ask him, you will not get anything.
Who is this greatest motivator?
His name is Failure.

Yes, failure is the greatest motivator. Many people have felt his touch. Many successful people have learned a lot from him.
Without meeting failure, Thomas Edison would not have created the light bulb and Colonel Sanders would be a retired soldier who will soon be forgotten.

Why can failure be the greatest motivator?
Because when someone meets failure, the only most logical thing to do is to get up. Do you know why motivational books or motivational seminars sell everywhere? Because lots of people fail. However, do you know why not all people who attended a seminar or read the books became successful? Because some of them has not experienced failure. And those who have not failed, which is still in the comfort zone, hasn't put their best ability.

On the other hand, there are people who actually fall deeper after consecutive failures. This goes back to each individual. This means that the choice to rise or sink remains in our hands. And if many people has successfully used the knowledge gained from failure, why haven't you?

(Source: Hands of God, Spirit Motivator)


首長 said...

人生中最好的禮物就是屬於自己的一部份 ..................................................

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