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Key to Happiness

Every person has there own way to keep themselves happy. But not all of those happiness are real. As some may come from bad habits. For example, teasing others or trash talking. Then how do we achieve true happiness? By earning through fun yet productive habits. What are these productive habits? I'll tell you some that "is" and "isn't".

Keys to Happiness
1. Reading
Many people doesn't enjoy reading much. But that can depend on what they're reading. In truth, I can get bored reading my school text books. When reading novels, I could get really excited or motivated. People's interest varies so find books with topics that you like.

Why does reading bring happiness? Because it allows your imagination to roam free. We illustrate what we read in our minds. Just like a theater, our very own mind theater. Our creativity will also develop from imagining. All we need to do is imagine what we read.

2. Socialize
Interact with other people. I can only imagine how lonely a life would be when lived alone. Make friends to share your happiness with. Try meeting new people, deepen your bonds with friends. Then you'll notice, how great it feels to share joy and sadness with other people.

3. Religion
Surely, not everyone believes in God. But, having to know someone is watching over you is a great feeling. God gives us faith, so we don't give up when things get tough.

I've heard once that an atheist Japanese businessman commited suicide after his company got bankrupt. What a sad thought, to end your life after experiencing failure. Giving up, in trade with life. I've always wondered if this is because he had no one else to turn to in his crisis.

It's up to you to believe in this keys. But before you decide, please give these keys a shot. At least try them then see, how truly happy you can be.


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