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Never Too Late to Learn

Just because we graduate from school with a good grade doesn't make us too smart to learn anymore. We can still learn many things from books, other people and experience. There are infinite topics that we can study about. For example, geography, physics, biology, astronomy, art, gardening, cooking, nursing, singing, cleaning, etc. We continue to learn as we progress through our lives. It's an inevitable process. Here are some of the important things that we have to learn from:

1. Learn from our mistakes
Making a mistake doesn't mean it's too late to fix it. By making a mistake, we must learn what caused it to avoid doing it again in the future. There is no such thing as a perfect human, everybody makes mistakes. It's how we learn from it that matters.

2. Balance between studying and relaxing
A mother once complained about her son to a friend, "My son never wants to relax. All he ever does is study inside his room. Once he got home from school, he'll just study until late at night. He never goes out to play with his friends. He has excellent grades but he just studies too much."

Her friend answered, "At least your son is diligent enough to study. My son is unable to manage time. All he ever does is play, eat, and sleep. He always hang out with friends and never has the time to study. He has bad grades and he's too lazy to study."

What can we learn from this example?
The first mother has a son that always stays in his room studying, he'll learn many things taught at school. while the second mother has a son that always go out, he'll learn to socialize better. It's not wrong to study, but hanging out isn't wrong either. If we can manage a balanced schedule between them, we'll actually have more to learn.

3. You can never learn too much
Can we actually learn too much? No, the things we learn can be useful at certain times. For example, we learn about how to take care of plants, soon we'll be able to do gardening.


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