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True Strength

There is strength in love, and people who can give love is strong, because they can beat their desire for self-serving.

There is strength in laughter, and people who laughed with delight is strong, because they would never mourn with challenges and trials.

There is strength in peace, and people who are filled with peace and happiness is strong because they never waver, and are not easily swayed.

There is strength in generosity, and people who are generous is strong because they never held their mouth and hands from doing good for others.

There is strength in kindness, and people who are good is strong because they would always be able to do good to everyone.

There is strength in loyalty, and people who are faithful is strong because they can beat their personal passions and desires with their loyalty to God and others.

There is strength in gentleness, and people who are gentle is strong because they can refrain themselves from having revenge.

There is power in self-control, and people who can control themselves is strong because they can control all worldly desires.

That's where where all the True Strength is ...

Realize that you also have enough strength to overcome all your problems. No matter where, or how heavy and complicated it may be.


季玉 said...
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June_Butterfly said...


Beautiful compilation of words.True strength is something I would love to have.

Looking forward to more of your works.Good day!

nothingprofound said...

Beautiful sentiments, wonderfully expressed. A feast for the mind.

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