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The 3 Trees

Once Upon A Time, there were 3 trees in the forest. One day, they tell each other about their hopes and dreams. The first tree said: "Someday I want to be a treasure chest. I will be filled with gold, silver and various precious stones and everyone will admire the beauty. "

Then the 2nd tree said: "One day I would become a large ship. I will carry kings & sail to the ends of the world. I will be a strong ship & secure everyone close to me. "

Then the 3rd tree told his dream: "I want to grow into the tallest tree ever seen. People would look at me and think how I was close to reaching Heaven and God. I will be the largest tree of all time & people will remember me. "

After several years praying that their dreams come true, a group of loggers chopped them down and took them elsewhere.
The first tree was brought to a carpenter. He was very happy because he knew he would have been made into a treasure chest. But, his prayer didn't become a reality because the carpenter made him into a box for fodder. He was put in a barn and each day, was filled with straw.
The second tree was brought to the shipyard. He thought that his prayer became true. But, he was made into a fishing boat. His dream of becoming a large ship to transport the kings has ended.
The third tree was cut into large pieces of wood and was left sitting in the dark. All their dreams didn't came true.
Year after year changed & the trees had forgotten their dreams. Then one day, a husband and wife arrived at the stables. The wife gave birth and put the baby in a box feeder made from the first tree. People came & worshiped the baby. Finally, the first tree knew that he was holding the greatest treasure of all time.
A few years later ... a group of men got into the custom-made fishing boats, made from the 2nd tree. In the middle of the lake, a major storm came.The second tree thought he was not strong enough to protect the people inside. But one man stood up and said to the storm: "Shut up! Calm down!" And the storm stopped. Then he knew that he had carried the King of kings.
Finally, someone came & took the 3rd tree. A man carried the tree, while people taunted him. The man was then nailed in this timber and died on it. The 3rd tree finally realized that he was so close to God because Lord Jesus was crucified with him.
When things are not the way you wanted, remember that God has a plan for you. If you believe in Him, He will give great blessings. The trees wished to get what they want, but not in a way they imagined.
The same goes for us, we are not aware what plan God has for us. We only know that His way is the best for us, forever.

Sorry it's a bit late, but Happy Easter...


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