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People in Life's Pressure

Life is not free from various pressures. In fact, life in this modern era serves a variety of risks. Until sociologist Ulrich Beck was named this contemporary era with the title of "risk society". Modern nature presents rapid changes and often surprising.

The pressure actually formed characters, and also determines how people will react in the situation. There are four types of people based on their personality, looked through their attitudes in facing life's pressures.

The first type, the type of brittle wood
Just a little pressure and this person's spirit breaks. People like this look good
in their daily life. But the truth is, the heart is very fragile. These people often complains when trouble occurs.
Encountering each difficulty, they immediately complain, feel helpless, cry, ask for pity or help. These people need to have positive thinking and encouragement to face the realities of life.
Time magazine has presented the topic "Cocoon generation". Time has taken the example in Japan, where many people becomes very soft because they're not used to facing problems. Dealing with people like this, sometimes we must have the courage to push them. So they'll learn to face problems on their own. Position yourselves as their companions.

The second type, the type of steel plate
People of this type are usually able to survive the pressure at first. However, like iron, when the situation becomes more pressing and complex, they begin to bend and turns unstable. They are able to handle the pressure, but not in the continuous condition. Additional pressure makes them give up. Fortunately these types of people are still willing to try to survive before finally giving up. These kind of people are still not trained to face problems. But, if you really
try, these people will be able to build a successful life.

The third type, the type of cotton
This type is quite flexible in the face of pressure. People like these can be flexible in
pressure. Try pressing a loaf of cotton. It will follow the pressure that occurs. It is able to adjust when there is pressure. But, once the pressure lifts, it could quickly return to the original state. They soon forget about the past and return to the starting point.

The fourth type, the type of ping pong ball
This is the ideal
and greatest type. Never present pressure on these people because the pressure will actually make them work harder, more motivated, and more creative. Consider the ping-pong ball. When pressed he bounces it up with even more power. I am reminded of the life story of the world motivator Anthony Robbins in one of his biography.
To motivate himself, he purposely buys a luxurious building while the money isn't adequate. But this is precisely the financial pressures that makes him more creative and financially challenged to reach the level he expects.

So, which type are you?


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